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General Snoring Information

Stopping snoring is easier than you think. Snoring can be treated in a number of ways and this website tells you which ones work and which don't.

Snoring is a serious issue. It is the third biggest cause of marriage breakdown after infidelity and financial problems. Snoring can seriously affect peoples' quality of sleep and has been known to lead to domestic violence.

Habitual snoring occurs in 60% of adult males and 40% of adult females.

While snoring is perceived as something that men do, it is normal for women to snore too.

We are more likely to snore as we get older.

Snoring is also more likely if we are overweight, drink alcohol, and smoke.

In simple terms this means that snoring affects most of us - particularly as we get older. For some of us it is a minor annoyance, for others it is a major issue that leads to marriage breakdowns or worse.

A loud snorer can be very loud indeed and this is no laughing matter.

But there is good news about stopping snoring. There are several things that can be done to stop snoring that actually work. These include:

What doesn't work to stop snoring:

There are lots of stop snoring 'solutions' that simply do not work. We suggest that, unless you want to throw away your money, you should stick to treatments for which there is some realistic evidence to say they work. Click here for a list of stop snoring treatments that, in our opinion, don't work.

Last Updated 25-03-2009