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Snoring treatments that work

There are only three stop snoring treatments that work for most snorers - do not be misled by anyone who tells you anything to the contrary:

  1. Mandibular (jaw) advancement devices like our Sleep Pro 1 and Sleep Pro 2
  2. CPAP(Continuous Positive Air Pressure mask and air pump, which can only be prescribed by a doctor) and
  3. Surgery, which can be painful and has a lower success rate than mandibular advancement - although it is still more likely to work than treatments listed in the treatments that don't work section.

It is worth noting that a change in lifestyle, particularly eating a balanced healthy diet, doing sufficient exercise, and so on, may lead to better control over snoring. If you are overweight, then losing weight may also help. However, if you want instantaneous relief from snoring then try mandibular advancement or CPAP.

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Last Updated 25-03-2009