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What is Thrombosis?Thrombosis
Venous thromboembolism (VTE) is the third most common cardiovascular disease after coronary disease and stroke.  The clinical diagnosis of VTE is unreliable and VTE is often silent. Only about half the patients suspected of having deep vein thrombosis (DVT) actually have the disease.  Unrecognised and untreated VTE may lead to harmful consequences.

Diagnosis of Thrombosis
Accurate diagnosis of DVT is indispensable. In daily practice, it is generally based on the use of ultrasonography, a non-invasive, rapid and cost-effective method. Untreated DVT can result in fatal PE, whereas anticoagulation in the absence of thrombosis is not reasonable.  For patients with a high clinical suspicion of DVT or PE, it is recommended to initiate treatment with anticoagulants as soon as possible while awaiting the outcome of diagnostic tests.

Symptoms of Thrombosis
Clinical symptoms and signs of DVT are unreliable. DVT may present with pain, erythema, tenderness, and swelling of the affected limb. Furthermore, on examination, a palpable cord (reflecting a thrombosedvein), warmth, ipsilateral oedema, or superficial venous dilation may be observed. However, in most instances, DVT is clinically silent (or asymptomatic).

Therapeutic options
There are different antithrombotic therapeutic options available for DVT patients, which include:

  • Unfractionated Heparins
  • Low Molecular Weight Heparins (LMWH)
  • Anti Xa Inhibitor

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